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Non Surgical Butt Lift Treatment in Dubai

We offer the best non-surgical butt lift and butt filler injections in Dubai. Thanks to the transformative effects of Hyaluronic acid. This naturally-occurring, biocompatible ingredient binds to water within the body to volumize and augment the area it is administered to, providing powerful and long-lasting results. Buttock contouring at Los Angeles Aesthetic is performed using HYAcorp – an advanced formula of Hyaluronic filler that has proven success in harmonizing curves in larger areas of the body.

Hip Dips Filler - A natural approach to improving the appearance of hip dips

Hip dips are caused by the shape of your pelvis and no diet or type of exercise can change them. While some are very subtle, noticeable hip dips can affect the shape and flow of your body, which dramatically reflects on your confidence. Prominent hip dips can easily be recontoured using the latest Hyaluronic acid body fillers. Like facial fillers, they work by boosting volume, reducing the appearance of the dips, and ensuring skin is smooth and firm. Our doctors will precisely place the hip dips fillers into the indentations, filling the lateral dips and correcting deformities to give you perfect curves from hip to knee, and a perfectly flowing silhouette.

butt fillers
butt fillers dubai

A more beautiful figure

A curvaceous figure is a highly desirable body feature, yet not everyone is lucky enough to have these pert contours naturally. Buttock fillers are a more natural method of enhancing the appearance of your butt and giving you more desirable proportions. Butt fillers add natural volume and provide lift using hyaluronic acid body fillers. They can also create symmetry where buttocks were previously differing in sizes, ensuring underwear and clothes follow the curves of your body perfectly. A much safer and minimally-invasive alternative to a surgical butt lift using implants, buttock fillers can also reduce the appearance of dimpling and sagging, creating a perkiness that gives you a more youthful silhouette.

Benefits of non-surgical butt lift

Enjoy the same transformative effects of procedures like liposuction or a Brazilian butt lift, without the risks and inconvenience of medical surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is non-surgical buttocks augmentation?
Non-surgical buttock augmentation refers to reshaping the buttocks to give them a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance. The best technique for non-surgical buttock augmentation is the use of body fillers. This minimally-invasive approach uses injectable Hyaluronic acid fillers to reshape, enhance and lift the buttocks. These have a long-term but temporary effect that enables clients to achieve a perkier, more voluptuous and symmetrical butt.
What is a non-surgical hip dips correction?
Hip dips are the small indents or depressions in the outer leg that can form where the thigh meets the pelvis. Neither exercise nor a specific diet will reduce the appearance of hip dips. Cosmetic treatments are the only effective technique to create the clean, smooth, and desirable curves that run from hip to knee.
What are buttock fillers?
Buttock fillers is the term often used to describe non-surgical cosmetic treatments that enhance the overall size and shape of the buttocks. They shouldn't be confused with butt implants, which are when artificial implants are surgically inserted into the buttocks. Our butt fillers procedure uses safe, biocompatible ingredients to volumize the buttocks and create shape, definition, and symmetry that gives you confidence in this crucial body feature.
What is a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift?
A non-surgical Brazilian butt lift is another term for minimally-invasive cosmetic techniques that are used to lift and sculpt the buttocks.
Who is a good candidate for buttock fillers?
If you are unhappy with the shape, size, symmetry, or position of your buttocks, butt fillers could be the solution. Since they are made from biocompatible Hyaluronic acid, they are a safe and suitable cosmetic enhancement for most clients. However, you will first need to have a consultation appointment to assess your candidacy.
How long do the results of non-surgical body contouring last?
Every patient is unique, and so exact results can vary. However, if you choose to have minimally-invasive body contouring at Los Angeles Aesthetic, you could expect the results of your procedure to last for up to 24 months before further maintenance treatment is required.