what are butt fillers? Their benefits and frequently asked questions

What are butt fillers?

Butt fillers is a type of non surgical aesthetic procedure that helps to enhance the shape and size of the buttocks. They are mostly dermal fillers injected to add volume and to lift butt in a non surgical way.

But fillers are very popular now as its a very safe option when compared to surgical procedures like butt implants.

What are the benefits of butt fillers?

Butt fillers offer several benefits for individuals who are looking to enhance the shape and size of the butt. Here are some of the major benefits of butt fillers.

It helps enhancing the butt size and shape

The primary benefit of butt fillers is that it enhances the size and shape of the butt. Butt fillers helps a person to get fuller and more attractive butt. People who want a more curvier butt can offer of butt fillers.

Its non invasive

The dermal fillers used for butt enhancement are non invasive. Here the fillers are injected into the skin and hence no incisions are involved. As there is no surgical procedure the down time is very minimal and it is a highly safe method.

It looks natural

When done in the right way and performed by an experienced professional, the butt fillers offer a natural looking result.

No Scars

As the fillers are injected into the skin using very tiny injections, there is no scarring from this procedure. But when it comes to fat transfer of butt implants, these procedure can cause scars.

The procedure can be customized

One of the major benefit of butt fillers is that it can be customized according to the need of the person. The amount of fillers used, and where the filler need to be injected can be decided based on the outcome expected.

Gradual Enhancement

The fillers can be injected gradually through multiple sessions. And this helps the patient to get gradual result and enhancement. The medical personal who is administering the filler can also fine tune the process based on the results.

Shorter recovery time

As butt fillers are non invasive, the recovery time is very short. Infact patients can continue with their regular work after the completion of the treatment.

Who should opt for butt lift treatment?

People who have below issues can opt for the butt lift treatment

If you have noticeable hip dips, then you can opt for hip dips filler treatment. Hip dips is normally caused by the shape of your pelvis and this treatment will fix the issue

If you want to improve the shape and volume of your butt, then you can opt for this treatment

People who have skin laxity on their butt can opt for this treatment

Also, people who do not want to go through surgical procedures can opt for this but filler treatment as this is non invasive.

How much does butt filler cost?

The cost of the butt filler treatment depends on the amount of filler injected, and the number sessions needed. However, all reputable clinics offer butt filler treatment at a very affordable cost.

How long does butt fillers last?

As butt fillers is not a permanent solution, but fillers can last upto 2 to 3 years. And as this is a non surgical procedure, you can inject fillers when needed.

What is the recovery process for butt filler injections?

As this is non surgical procedure, the patient can continue their regular activity immediately after the injection. This treatment almost has nil recovery time

Are there any side effects to butt filler injections?

As this is a non invasive procedure there are almost no side effects. One might feel slight pain on the injected area.  However, it is always to get the treatment from certified professionals and clinics for the best results.

These are some of the important questions one should know before opting for a butt filler treatment.

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