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Start the journey to clearer, healthier and brighter skin with a choice of safe, effective acne treatments in Dubai that help you love your complexion.

What is acne?

If you suffer from acne, you aren’t alone. Most people will experience acne during their lifetime, with this problem skin condition being most common between the ages of 11 and 30. Women are particularly affected, especially during hormone surges such as pre-menstruation or during pregnancy which have the potential to disrupt their skin. There are many types of acne, from mild pimples and redness to swollen whiteheads and stubborn blackheads, but our acne treatments can help defeat them all and leave you feel confident.
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Causes of acne

Even if you have no noticeable hair on your face, the skin is covered with hair follicles which are small, pocket-like holes used to grow and support hair. Over time and if you don’t cleanse your face regularly, these follicles can become blocked by an excess of natural oils, and when this happens, it can trap bacteria, causing inflammation, redness, swelling, and this causes acne. Women may find that their acne gets worse at certain times of the month, while certain medications, stress, and poor diet can also cause episodes of more severe acne.

Acne treatment you can trust to achieve your skincare goals

Acne can cause our clients to become frustrated, uncomfortable, and self-conscious about their skin. Our non-invasive acne treatments have been created specifically to improve the health of your skin. Being one of the best skin clinic in Dubai, we offer a wide range of successful acne treatments, including oral medications, chemical peels, deep cleansing facials, and the latest laser techniques.

Chemical peel for acne

Chemical peels aren’t only for anti-aging. Chemical peels remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new ones in order to improve the appearance of the skin. Different levels of chemical peel provide different intensity results, but Glycolic acid is particularly effective for removing blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples, reducing pore size and smoothing the imperfections of acne scarring.

Deep cleansing facial for acne

Optimize the health of your skin from within with a deep cleansing facial designed to remove acne-causing impurities such as dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. In addition, another reason for deep cleansing facial is it encourages the production of collagen and elastin, creating healthier, clearer, and softer skin.

Laser Carbon Peel for acne

A carbon peel is a cutting-edge laser treatment proven to be highly beneficial for people suffering from skin problems, including oiliness, blackheads, enlarged pores, dull skin, and acne. It cleanses, exfoliates, and rejuvenates the skin, which helps to clear up any existing acne and prevent future breakouts.

Oral medications for acne

Sometimes non-invasive treatments alone aren’t enough to eliminate acne and stop it from returning. Oral medications can help provide a long-term solution to acne by targeting and destroying acne-causing bacteria on and within the skin or regulating hormonal changes that lead to breakouts.

Your bespoke acne treatment plan

We want every client to love their skin, which often means developing a solution that specifically addresses their concerns and works with their skin and lifestyle. Our dermatologist & cosmetologist will assess your skin and create a bespoke treatment plan that combines oral medications, skincare products, non-invasive treatments, and valuable lifestyle advice to help you achieve your personal skin goals.

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