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Best Under Eye Rejuvenation Treatment in Dubai

Everyone with dark circles needs an under eye treatment in Dubai as  shadows underneath your eyes can give the illusion that you are tired or stressed. They can even create the appearance of sunken hollows that make you look older than your years. Say goodbye to tired, aging shadows beneath your eyes with treatment for dark circles under eyes in Dubai.

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

Every person is unique, with genetic makeup largely determining the color of the pigment around your eyes. Stubborn and persistent, it rarely matters what topical skincare you use; certain lifestyle factors such as smoking, stress, and a regular lack of sleep can all contribute to the formation of dark circles underneath the eyes. Natural and unavoidable skin thinning also enhances the appearance of blood vessels, lost volume, and shadowing that makes them appear hollowed and can affect your confidence and self-esteem. Dark circles can develop at any age and may only become more obvious as you get older.

Dermal fillers for dark circles

Dermal fillers can be used to enhance the appearance of many areas of the face, including the area around the eyes. Yes, dermal fillers can be used as a eye rejuvenation treatment. The primary ingredient in dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring substance that is produced in abundance during our early years, but that starts to diminish with age. Hylauronic acids bind to water in the body to increase in size, adding volume to the areas where it is administered via injection. By adding volume to the tear trough area beneath the eyes, the skin becomes tighter, smoother, and more hydrated, and the appearance of dark circles is reduced.

What to expect when getting dermal fillers to treat dark circles

Topical anesthesia is applied to your skin ahead of the procedure, numbing the thin skin in this area so that you don’t experience any discomfort. Dermal fillers start to produce results immediately after they are administered, and since this area of your face usually remains very still, the effects of this under eye treatment could last for a year or longer before it needs to be repeated. There are little to no side effects, and no downtime, enabling you to get back to work or your other day-to-day activities right away.

Ultherapy for dark circles

Ultherapy is a highly successful FDA-approved treatment for under-eye bags and dark circles. A key ingredient responsible for strong, healthy, and radiant skin, collagen naturally diminishes over the years, and is not renewed at the same rate. Replenishing collagen within the skin help to eliminate blemishes and signs of aging. Ultherapy uses the latest ultrasound technology to heat the skin and muscles beneath the eyes, inducing deep collagen production and renewal naturally, without surgical intervention. A single session produces empowering results illustrative of a non-surgical facelifting, lifting, tightening and brightening of the skin.

What to expect when getting ultherapy to treat dark circles

Ultherapy is an entirely non-invasive technique meaning that there is no need for anesthesia. Some patients report a slight warmth and tingling as their treatment is carried out, but certainly no pain. The results of ultherapy are not instant since they rely on natural biological processes to revitalize your skin from the inside out. It can take up to three months to achieve optimal results. However, they are worth the wait, as ultherapy results can last for years. Better still, they are achieved without surgery.

Alternative treatments for dark circles under eyes at Los Angeles Aesthetic

Chemical peels for dark circles

Modern chemical peels are safe and effective for reducing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Chemical peel solution is applied to the face where it removes the very outermost layers of skin, revealing skin underneath that has improved texture and tone, fewer lines and wrinkles. Increased skin firmness and more volume helps to diminish the shadows that could cause you to look tired and aged.

Mesotherapy for dark circles

Mesotherapy can give a new lease of life to tired eyes without surgery. Involving the injection of vitamins, hormones, and enzymes into the skin, mesotherapy tightens and revitalizes skin, adds structure around the eye, and reduces the size of fatty bags which contribute toward shadowed, tired eyes.

Xela Rederm 1.1%

A safe, effective injectable dermal filler used to treat the delicate eye area, Xela Rederm 1.1% simulates the production of collagen deep within the skin and aids with hydration to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Imbuing the skin with moisture, it helps to brighten dull, tired circles around the eyes and plump it to make it appear smoother, younger, and refreshed.

The first step in revitalizing the appearance of old and tired eyes is to schedule a consultation with the best cosmetic clinic like us for dark circles under eye treatment in Dubai. Our doctors can assess your skin and overall appearance and make reliable recommendations that can help you to learn to love your appearance again.

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