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Best Thread Lift Treatment in Dubai

Diminished collagen production, facial fat reduction, lifestyle, and environmental factors can accelerate the aging process. Sagging skin may enhance the visibility of creases and wrinkles, making you appear older. A thread lift is a unique lifting concept delivering the benefits of a facelift without surgery. This popular aesthetic procedure uses biocompatible threads to gently lift and stretch the skin, forming a subtle, contoured enhancement that redefines and rejuvenates with instant results.

Learn how Poly-L-lactic acid threads work their magic

PLLA threads contain Poly-L-lactic acid – a highly-effective collagen stimulator that boosts your body’s own collagen production so that your new skin has higher levels of elasticity. Each thread is inserted underneath the skin, where their unique design enables them to anchor independently in place. Then, the threads are pulled gently backward and upwards, which tighten and lift the skin so that it flows against the natural contours of your face for long-lasting and powerful results. In addition to the lifting benefits of the thread lift technique, our clients are able to maintain their results for up to two years.

A better alternative to a traditional facelift

Although a surgical facelift provides exceptional results, many clients are keen to avoid the prolonged and painful recovery that accompanies this invasive technique. A minimally-invasive thread lift ensures that there is no unpleasant swelling or discomfort to inconvenience you. Without inflammation, the lifting effect of this treatment is visible immediately, enabling you to return to your usual activities immediately.

Thread lift treatment areas

A bespoke treatment plan with a choice of thread lift areas to suit your individual beauty goals:

Lower Jaw

Eliminate jowls and give your face shape greater definition.

Cheeks and cheekbones

Achieve fuller cheeks, contoured cheekbones, and diminished nasolabial lines.


Lighten a heavy forehead and open up tired eyes aged by raising the skin around the eyebrows.


Avoid a ‘turkey’ neck caused by sagging folds as neck skin becomes firmer and more elegant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a thread lift?
A thread lift is a non-surgical, minimally-invasive alternative to facelift surgery. The technique involves using dissolvable threads, which are inserted under the skin, usually above the eyebrows, around the eyes, and on the upper cheeks, jowls, and neck. These are pulled up and back to give the skin a lifted appearance, while also making it look smoother and tighter.
Who is the best candidate for a thread lift?
If you feel that age is starting to affect the laxity and quality of your skin, you could be a good candidate for a thread lift. Every individual has their suitability for a thread lift assessed on an individual basis using a combination of examination and consultation. This ensures that we only offer treatments that will benefit your skin goals.
How is a thread lift performed?
A thread lift is usually carried out under local anesthetic. Once the area has been numbed, your doctor will insert the threads under your skin. You'll be able to feel this happening, but it shouldn't hurt. Once the threads are in place, they will pull them tight, and the cone-like structures on each will latch onto your skin tissue to secure them in place. The threads stay in place for around six months before they dissolve.
What are the types of threads offered?
There are several different types of thread used in a thread lift procedure. At LA Aesthetic, we primarily use PLLA threads – a relatively new, but highly effective option for thread lifting. PLLA threads are made from poly-L-lactic acid - a collagen-stimulating substance. While the technique will lift your skin, the PLLA threads will boost your natural collagen production to enhance its elasticity and firmness. PLLA threads produce longer-lasting results than PDO threads, which we also offer. PDO threads are a better-known variety but are standard polyester dissolvable sutures without the long-term collagen-boosting benefits of PLLA alternatives.
Is a thread lift better than fillers for a non-surgical facelift?
Getting facelift surgery is a very big step. Not only it is expensive, but it comes with a significant amount of risk and prolonged recovery time. Minimally-invasive options are becoming increasingly popular among clients who want to reap the same benefits but avoid the cost, discomfort, and downtime of facelift surgery.
How long do the results of a thread lift last?
The results of a PDO thread lift usually last six months, which is the time it takes for the biocompatible threads to break down. However, with advanced PLLA threads, the collagen production they stimulate continues long after they have dissolved, enabling you to maintain visible results for between 18 and 24 months.
Is a thread lift painful?
Every thread lift procedure is performed using local anesthetic, which numbs your skin and ensures that you aren't in any discomfort during your appointment. You may find that your face feels tighter after the procedure, but you shouldn't be in pain or require any pain relief.