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Best Undereye fillers in Dubai

You may need under eye filler in Dubai, as getting older can cause the skin under the eyes to become thinner, while lost volume can enhance the appearance of dark circles, sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles. Undereye fillers are one of the best eye rejuvenation treatments that can restore plumpness and hydration, improve brightness and stop your eyes from betraying your true age.

What causes hollows and dark circles under the eyes?

Lifestyle factors are one of the most common causes of sunken, hollowed eyes. When combined with the natural effects of aging, which causes the skin to become thinner, a loss of facial fat, and the formation of lines and wrinkles, it’s easy to see what many of our clients feel that their eyes make them appear older and more tired than they really are. It’s not unusual for our clients to want to address this area of their appearance so they can rediscover their confidence.

Unleash the power of hyaluronic acid

Naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid, or HA, can be found in abundance during your teenage years and 20s, but unfortunately starts to fade with age. Binding to water, this powerful ingredient hydrates, and plumps the skin, causing it to appear tight, smooth, and fresh. By restoring your natural HA levels, undereye fillers will support collagen production, boost hydration and radiance, and repair the area.

Undereye fillers for eye bags

Undereye fillers are a very popular aesthetic treatment for both men and women at Los Angeles Aesthetic. Made from hyaluronic acid, they can be injected into the area underneath the eyes to counteract the effects of lifestyle and aging. With long-lasting results that deliver balance and beautification, undereye fillers are a powerful transformative treatment that you can trust.

What to expect when getting undereye fillers

Undereye fillers are a minimally-invasive treatment performed at Los Angeles Aesthetic. Before the injectable is administered, you may be given topical anesthesia which will help numb the area, minimizing any discomfort that may otherwise occur during the treatment. The filler is injected using an ultra-fine needle too, further helping you to avoid unnecessary discomfort. You may notice slightly red marks where the filler has been injected, but these should fade within 24 hours. There’s no downtime after getting tear-trough fillers, and you can return to your daily routine immediately following your treatment session. Some mild bruising or swelling is completely normal, and so you may wish to have your undereye fillers administered at least a week or two before any important social events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are undereye fillers?
Undereye fillers are sometimes known as tear trough fillers. This injectable hyaluronic acid treatment can be used to treat volume loss and dark areas underneath the eyes. With undereye fillers, the skin beneath the eyes appears plumper, smoother and brighter, taking years off your appearance.
Can undereye fillers treat dark circles?
When aging causes thinning and low skin volume beneath the eyes, it can cause the blood vessels under the skin to become more visible, making the area appear dark. By restoring volume using hyaluronic acid fillers, it's possible to reverse this effect and erase the appearance of dark circles.
Can undereye fillers treat eye bags?
Age causes the tissue structures and muscles supporting your eyelids to weaken. This undereye rejuvenation treatment boosts your natural hyaluronic acid levels, plumping the tissues beneath the eyes. Smoother, firmer skin helps to diminish sagging eye bags and refresh your appearance.
How long do undereye fillers last?
The main ingredient in undereye fillers is hyaluronic acid. HA will be naturally absorbed by your body over time. However, the results of your treatment should last for around 9 to 12 months before further injections will be needed to maintain the effects.
Who is the best candidate for undereye rejuvenation treatment?
The best candidate for undereye fillers is a client who has hollowing or darkening under the eyes. There are no upper or lower age limits for undereye fillers, but we recommend that all clients who would like this treatment have good skin thickness and elasticity that will allow for natural augmentation and improvement in this area.
Where can I book the best undereye fillers treatment in Dubai?
Take the first step to undereye rejuvenation by scheduling a consultation for undereye fillers treatment in Dubai. Our highly skilled and discreet doctors will talk you through every step of your journey to brighter, fresher eyes. Contact Los Angeles Aesthetic by calling 04 370 0011 or using our appointment form.