What is thread lift and Benefits of thread lift treatment

What is thread lift

When you have a sagging skin in the areas of face and neck, thread lift serves as one of the best treatment options. Thread lift is a non surgical treatment option where a dissolvable thread is inserted into the skin and pulled up back to give it a lifted appearance.

The lift up dissolvable thread stimulates collagen production and this results in improves elasticity of the skin and improves the firmness of the skin.

Thread lift treatment is often used around necks and cheeks, and this treatment provides a more youthful appearance as the thread will firm up the skin. This is an amazing treatment that provides very good result with surgery.

Benefits of thread lift treatment

Thread lift treatment comes with several benefits, it is safe, and it provides more youthful look without any surgery. Her are the benefits of thread lift treatment.

It’s non surgical

One of the best advantages with the thread lift treatment is its non surgical and minimally invasive. Also this treatment does not involve any anaesthesia, so there is no complication and the recovery time is very less.

Gives you immediate results

Another major benefit of thread lift treatment is it shows immediate results. Few other cosmetic procedures like botox will take some time to show results. But with thread lift, the results are imminent.

The results are natural

Thread lift treatment provides results that are natural looking. Unlike few other treatments thread lift does not show any stretched skin or provide any artificial appearance.

Almost no side effects

Thread lift treatments has almost no side effects, as dissolvable threads are used in the thread lift treatment, this treatment has almost no side effects. There might be some bruising and swelling as side effects, but these side effects goes away on their own in a few days.

The results are long lasting

Even though the results from thread lift treatment does not lost forever, however, it can last up to 1 to 2 years. This mostly depends upon the type of thread used in the treatment and their lifestyle.

Overall, thread lift is a safe and effective procedure that can provide a more youthful and refreshed appearance without the need for surgery.

What is the ideal age for thread lift?

There is no such ideal age for thread lift. As thread lift is mostly firming up the sagging skin, its mostly opted by people who have crossed their middle age. In general the right candidates for thread lifts are people who have a sagging skin and have crossed middle age.

How many sessions are needed for thread lift treatment?

The number of sessions that is needed for  a successful thread lift treatment depends on various factors. Sessions needed depends based on the severity of the skin laxity, the size of area that needs to be treated. In most cases, the patient will achieve the desired results in one session, and one session normally lasts around 60 minutes.

In some cases, the patients might need more sessions, if their skin laxity is very severe, or if they need thread lift treatment on the multiple areas of their neck and face.

So the number of sessions needed for  each patient depend on each individuals. An experienced practitioner will decide on the number of sessions needed after carefully examining the patient and their needs.

Does skin continue to improve after thread lift?

Yes, the skin can continue to improve after the thread lift treatment, this is because the threads used in the thread lift treatment stimulate the productions of collagen. When collagen is produced the skin becomes more healthy and starts to look young.

So the skin continues to improve after the thread lift treatment

 These are some of the benefits of thread lift treatment. At Los Angeles Aesthetic, we offer professional thread lift treatment in Dubai.

Apart from thread lift, we also offer chin contouring, skin rejuvenation, eyebrow lift and skin booster treatments.

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